12 May, 2009

HKU, Chinese U and HKUST: Best in Asia

Appearing on top of rankings is a good PR achievement. And Hong Kong seems to pay a lot of attention to it. And why not, it has a lot to brag about. It's students consistently rank well in mathematics and science. It's home to top restaurants in the world and financially speaking, it has the freest economy in the world. Now, let's add up its array of universities in the list of achievements. University of Hong Kong (it's initials indicate its name is Hong Kong University), Chinese University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are now ranked top tertiary institutions in Asia, according to The Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings. (An older ranking appears here.)It seems that Hong Kong (3), Japan (3) and Korea (2), are home to the among the 10 best universities in the region, along with Singapore (1) and China (1).