17 May, 2006

Brighter side of pursuing MBA in APAC region

Alright, we have discussed the point of placements and career services, but here comes the cracker of the reasons for choosing APAC B schools. Cultural experience is unique which you may not get elsewhere as MBA classes are almost full of students from more than fifteen nationalities (China,Taiwan,Korea,US,Canada,Singapore,India,Germany to name a few). Exposure to China and Hong Kong has its unique features as it gives an overview of developed and developing economy back to back. Like every developed market job opportunities are less but they do exist and people have been getting jobs in the past although with much more efforts. Visiting professors are a cool bunch and they allow you to think on multidimensional scale of management and business as a whole. Some of them are heads of BCG, Mc. Kinsey, DHL so you know the exposure and gyaan. People have gone out to carve their own niche from these B schools and make great careers. Its definitely for the people looking for International exposure, cultural diversity, good quality of education and a great opportunity to network and learn survival skills.
Believe me, the skills learnt here are worth the pain.


Anonymous said...


If the skills learnt here are worth the pain, then why is geting a job such a struggle (the language and cultural barrier apart)


Pravin said...

Dear Vikram,

These are precisely two reasons for struggle. My whole intent was to be critical of processes at these B schools, which is different from Indian B schools n thats the reason most of western students do not understand this and they are happy with networking and getting conected to employers via consultants or head hunters, end results depend on candidate's caliber. Its debatable, still, write me personally on chandrapravin2001@gmail.com for more queries.

Anonymous said...

You say Right Pravin. International MBA is for career while Good (Only) Indian MBA fetches you a Job. That’s one of the differences as well. So if you need a Career you know where to go.
-An MBA aspirant

Anonymous said...

Having graduated from another reputed B School in Asia (Asian Institute of Management, Philippines); I could not stop myself from posting an entry here.

I truly believe it is a much better learning experience to do an MBA in APAC. Not only does it equips you with the necessary MBA toolkit, but also gives you the exposure to different nationalities, working styles, State of economic development and culture.

Getting a job solely depends on your own caliber, previous experience and network of contacts.

- Nishant