26 May, 2010

Networking, attending events, meeting people - does it really work ??

Meeting new group of people and attending a lot of networking events does help in developing a brand new perspective every other day plus the good food you get helps you keep battle ready for the jym.

Have been attending a number of networking events by Brit Chamber, American Chamber, Economist recently in Hong kong. Meeting with a number of diversified group of professionals is really fun and helps in building the network. Much of this has been intended for new business development, however there seems to be a cultural issue where very few of the lot are really inclined to take you to the finish line - connect to the right people, open to listening to ideas, open to engaging with new group of consultants but it has been fun experience. Have been able to connect dots and figure out what works with a set of people or culture does not necessarily work with other group and all this comes with real experience. Networking should be carried out tirelessly over an extended period of time to be able to reap benefits professionally and personally, there is no short-cut formula.

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Travis Darrow said...

Good point. Sometimes events are quantity over quality. But you have to do it. A meeting is always better than an email or just a call.

But you only know people til you ask for something. Then you find out what type of relationship you have. Ask early and find out!
-Travis Darrow